Silver Beaded Necklace

A very simple yet classic sterling silver beaded necklace made using 3mm sterling silver beads. 16" in length 925 sterling silver Sizes may vary slightly.


Hammered Torque Collar Necklace.

A simple hammered Torque collar in 925 sterling silver. The middle of the Torque measure1cm tapering to 3mm at the ends. 14" from end to end Sizes may vary slightly.


Atlantic Necklace

The Atlantic Necklace is a timeless classic, it's a beautiful fit down to its linked chain. Made from 925 sterling silver. 17" in length. Sizes may vary slightly.


Peppercorn Necklace

The peppercorn necklace is made from sterling silver links with sterling silver ball detailing. This is a timeless piece and can be worn with any outfit be it dressy or casual. 18" in length. Size might vary slightly.


Heart Necklace

This beautiful necklace is made from alternating hammered and polished 925 sterling silver hearts. 17" in length. Sizes may vary slightly.


Heart & Opal Necklace

This dainty heart and Ocean blue opal necklace is made from 925 Sterling Silver, featuring a 6 mm opal. 17 - 19" in length. Sizes may vary slightly.


Ocean Blue Opal Necklace

This simple necklace uses an aqua blue coloured Lab created opal which is floating on a thin 925 sterling silver chain. 16" in length. Sizes may vary slighly.


Floral opal Necklace

Classic floral opal design made from 925 sterling silver. Incorporating two flowers and two 4 mm opals on a sterling silver stem. 16 - 17" in length (1" extension chain). Sizes may vary slightly.


Wire Heart & Opal Necklace

A simple Wire Heart Necklace with floral embellishment and 4mm opal, this necklace is made from 925 sterling silver. Length is 16–17 inches (1-inch extension chain).