Heart & Opal Necklace

This dainty heart and Ocean blue opal necklace is made from 925 Sterling Silver, featuring a 6 mm opal. 17 - 19" in length. Sizes may vary slightly.


Bubble Opal Necklace

Bubble Opal Necklace made from 925 sterling silver incorporating a 4 mm ocean blue synthetic opal. 16" - 17" (1" extension chain). Sizes may vary slightly.


Wave Necklace

Wave Necklace is hand made from 925 sterling silver, the wave part of the necklace measures 35mm and the necklace is in a 17-18" chain.




Opal Wave Necklace

Opal Wave Necklace is hand made from highly polished 925 sterling silver and features a 4 mm opal.The necklace length is approx 18" with a 1 " extension chain.